Graduate Student


Elise comes to UVA after graduating from William & Mary (2020) with a BS in Biology and Environmental Science & Policy. Her main research interests are shoreline resilience and coastal ecology. As a graduate student she will study how seagrass meadows influence wave dynamics and sediment transport at the VCR-LTER. Her undergraduate research addressed differences in habitat quality between natural marshes and manmade living shorelines by studying grass shrimp populations.


Jake majored in Astronomy and Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia (BA/BS, 2020). His past research experiences range from studies of sap flow in trees to ocean remote sensing as a NASA intern in the Student Airborne Research Program (SARP). He is currently interested in studying planetary surface processes and other topics where astronomy and geology intersect.


Kylor earned her BSc. in Environmental Science at the University of Virginia. Her research interests include coastal marine ecosystems and blue carbon. Specifically, her research focuses on seagrass resilience and restoration, asking questions about metabolism, temperature stresses, nutrient cycling, and multi-trophic interactions. After working with the community on the eastern shore of Virginia with the VCR LTER and conducting citizen scientist projects with the Blue Carbon Lab in Australia, she has also found a deep passion for science communication and outreach.


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