Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association hosts weekly department socials, graduate student activities, and an annual research symposium, EnviroDay. Funding for activities come from generous department support and faculty sponsorships, as well as dues from the students. A core group of officers is responsible for events with input and support from the graduate student body.

The GSA also runs an undergraduate research mentoring program to connect undergraduates interested in research with graduate students. A list of publications from current department graduate students is compiled twice a year to highlight research achievements.

Three large social functions are held each year:

  • Pig roast (September)
  • Holiday party (December)
  • Spring fling (April)


Officers 2020-2021

All positions are for one academic year with elections occurring each Summer. Co-chairs are rising second-year graduate students selected by the outgoing officers.

There are also volunteer and appointed positions available such as Social Chairs, Prospective Student Chairs, EnviroDay Chairs, and Dr. Doughnuts.

Name Position Email
Kelsey Huelsman President ksh5s
Hannah Mast Treasurer hm4vd
Angelique Demetillo Secretary mgd7uv
Tyler Barnes GSA Representative teb5g
Andrew Jablonski GSA Representative adj8sh
Ieva Juska GSAS Representative ij7tt
Lauren Eng Social Chair le5nv
Liz Tatham Social Chair eat4yf
Allie Parisien Dr. Doughnuts amp2fn
  Dr. Doughnuts  
Spencer Tassone Webmaster sjt7jc