Schedule of Upcoming Courses

The document below contains the planned schedule of course offerings for the next 3 semesters. It is updated each fall.

Upcoming courses, Fall 2023 – Spring 2025 (Excel Download)


Classes Number Course Name Spring 2024 Fall 2024 Spring 2025
EVSC  1010 Intro to Environmental Science Doney Lerdau TBD
EVSC  1080 Resources and the Environment   Doney  
EVSC 1300 Earth's Wx & Climate Davis   Davis
EVSC  2030  Politics, Science, and Values: Introduction to Environmental Policy Nyelele   Nyelele
EVSC  2050 Introduction to Oceanography Macko   Macko
EVSC  2220 Conservat. Ecology: Biodiversity and Beyond    
EVSC  2559 Agroecology Lerdau   Lerdau
EVSC  2559 Narratives of Environmental Justice Pusede Nyelele  
EVSC  2800 Fundamentals Geology TBD Limaye Richardson
EVSC  3020 GIS Methods Porter Porter Porter
EVSC  3060 Biomechanics of Organisms  Reidenbach    
EVSC  3200 Fundamentals Ecology Lerdau Pace  
EVSC  3300 Atmosphere & Weather Schiro Grise De Wekker
EVSC 3559 Environmental and Climate Justice   Nyelele  
EVSC  3600 Physical Hydrology  Reidenbach Cheng Scanlon
EVSC  3860 Introduction to Geochemistry   Macko  
EVSC  4010 Introduction to Remote Sensing Nyelele Yang  
EVSC  4015 Advanced Remote Sensing Yang   Yang
EVSC 4020 Dryland Ecohydrology     Scanlon
EVSC  4035 Drones in Scientific Research De Wekker    
EVSC  4050 Topics in Oceanography Macko   Macko
EVSC  4070 Advanced GIS Porter    
EVSC 4080 Quantitative Methods Wiberg    
EVSC  4100 Manage Forest Ecosyst      
EVSC 4140 Global Coastal Change     McGlathery
EVSC  4270 Soil Science Richardson    
EVSC  4290 Limnology: Inland water ecosyst Pace   Pace
EVSC  4390 Climate Modeling and Analysis     Grise/Schiro
EVSC 4460 Synoptic Meteorology     Grise
EVSC 4490 Air Pollution Pusede    
EVSC  4542 Topics in Landscape Evolution     Limaye
EVSC 4559 Coastal Modeling Seminar Wiberg    
EVSC 4559 Plant Functional Biology in a Changing World Lerdau    
EVSC 4559 Objective Data Analysis in Environmental Science Mamalakis  
EVSC  4640 Water Resources in a Changing World Band   Band
EVSC  4660  Hydrological Field Methods  Scanlon    
EVSC  4870 Global Biogeochemical Cycles   Richardson  
EVSC  4890 Planetary Geology Limaye    
EVSC  4891 Planetary Geology Lab Limaye    
EVSC  4991 Theory & Prac. Biodiversity Conserv Epstein/Doney Doney
EVSC  5020 Intro to GIS Porter Porter Porter
EVSC  5030 Applied Statistics for the Envionmental Sciences Carr    
EVSC  5050 Advanced Oceanography Macko   Macko
EVSC  5440 Dynamics of Oceans and Estuaries   Reidenbach  
EVSC  5559 Environmental Data Science Mamalakis    
EVSC  7010 Introduction to Remote Sensing   Yang  
EVSC  7015 Advanced Remote Sensing Yang   Yang
EVSC  7070 Advanced GIS Porter    
EVSC  7080 Quantitative Methods Wiberg    
EVSC  7082 Careers in Environmental Sciences Schiro    
EVSC  7092 Departmental Seminar Nyelele/Mamalakis Cheng/Mamalakis Cheng/Mamalakis
EVSC 7390 Climate Modeling and Analysis     Grise/Schiro
EVSC 7559 Coastal Modeling Seminar Wiberg    
EVSC 7559 Deep Learning in Envionmental Science     Mamalakis
EVSC 7559 Planetary Geology Limaye    
EVAT  5300 Introduction to Climatology   Davis  
EVAT  5320 Mountain Meteorology   De Wekker  
EVAT 5330 Applied Meteorology De Wekker    
EVAT  5559 Hydroclimatology     Schiro
EVAT   5310 Tropical Meteorology   Schiro  
EVAT 7460 Synoptic Meteorology     Grise
EVAT 7490 Air Pollution      
EVEC  5220 Terrestrial Ecology Yang/Epstein   Yang/TBD
EVEC  7100 Manage Forest Ecosyst   Nyelele  
EVEC  7140 Global Coastal Change     McGlathery
EVEC  7290 Limnology: Inland water ecosyst Pace   Pace
EVGE  5820 Geomorphology     Limaye
EVGE  5840 Sediment Processes&Environments   Wiberg  
EVGE  5850 Geochemistry   Macko  
EVGE  5860 Isotope Geochemistry Macko   Macko
EVGE  7542 Topics in Landscape Evolution     Limaye
EVHY 5650 Hydrologic Transport Processes     Reidenbach
EVHY  5559 Watershed Restoration     Reidenbach, Chang
EVHY  5559 Environmental Water Quality     Cheng
EVHY 7020 Dryland Ecohydrology     Scanlon
ESE  3220/3222 Water Resources Engineering Band