Schedule of Upcoming Courses

The document below contains the planned schedule of course offerings for the next 3 semesters (plus Summer / J term). It is updated each fall.

Upcoming courses, spring 2018 – spring 2019 (Excel Download)

Classes Course Name Summer/J Term Fall 2019 Spring 2020
EVSC 1010 Intro-Envi Sci T. Smith T. Smith T. Smith
EVSC 1020 Prac. Concepts Envi Sci   Blum Blum
EVSC 1080 Resources and the Environment      
EVSC 1300 Earth’s Weather and Climate     Davis
EVSC 1450 Climate, you and CO2   Lawrence  
EVSC 1559 History of Climate Science      
EVSC 1600 Water on Earth      
EVSC 2010 Materials That Shape Civilizations      
EVSC 2050 Introduction to Oceanography     Macko
EVSC 2200 Plants, People, and Culture     T. Smith
EVSC 2220 Conservat. Ecology: Biodiversity and Beyond   Lerdau  
EVSC 2559 Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability      
EVSC 2559 Polar Environments     Doney/Simkins
EVSC 2559 Science, Policy, Psychology and Art of Climate Change     Lawrence
EVSC 2800 Fundamentals Geology   Simkins Herman
EVSC 2900 Beaches, Coasts, and Rivers      
EVSC 3020 GIS Methods   Porter Porter
EVSC 3060 Biomechanics of Organisms     Reidenbach
EVSC 3200 Fundamentals Ecology   T. Smith Castorani
EVSC 3300 Atmosphere and Weather   Grise Pusede
EVSC 3600 Physical Hydrology   Scanlon Wiberg
EVSC 3660 Tropical Field Ecology D.Smith    
EVSC 3665 Trop. Field Eco. Belize      
EVSC 3810 Earth Processes as Natural Hazards   Herman  
EVSC 3880 Watersheds of Lewis and Clark      
EVSC 3881 Watersheds of Lewis and Clark Laboratory      
EVSC 4002 Undergraduate Seminar      
EVSC 4010 Intro to Remote Sensing     Yang
EVSC 4012 Advanced Remote Sensing   Yang  
EVSC 4040 Climate change: Science, policy, markets      
EVSC 4050 Topics in Oceanography     Macko
EVSC 4060 Changing Global Carbon Cycle   Doney  
EVSC 4070 Advanced GIS      
EVSC 4080 Quantitative Methods   Wiberg  
EVSC 4082 Geology and Ecology of U.S. National Parks      
EVSC 4100 Manage Forest Ecosyst   Shugart  
EVSC 4110 Estuarine Ecology   Blum  
EVSC 4140 Global Coastal Change      
EVSC 4160 Forest Sampling      
EVSC 4170 Spatial Ecology   Castorani  
EVSC 4230 Marine Envi & Organism   D. Smith  
EVSC 4240 Restoration Ecology     Blum
EVSC 4260 Ecology Grasslands Tundra      
EVSC 4270 Soil Sciences   Mills  
EVSC 4290 Limnology: Inland water ecosyst      
EVSC 4332 Mountain Meteorology Seminar      
EVSC 4360 Weather Forecasting      
EVSC 4370 Microclimatology   De Wekker  
EVSC 4452 Global Climate Variability Seminar   Grise  
EVSC 4490 Air Pollution     Pusede
EVSC 4559 Synoptic Meteorology     Grise
EVSC 4559 Coastal Resilience      
EVSC 4559 Glaciers and Ice Sheets: Past, Present, and Future   Simkins  
EVSC 4559 Dynamics of oceans and estuaries   Reidenbach  
EVSC 4559 Advanced Ecological Data Analysis   Castorani  
EVSC 4559 Biosphere-atmosphere interaction   Pusede/Lerdau  
EVSC 4559 Environmental Resilience   McGlathery McGlathery
EVSC 4559 Marine Biogeochemistry     Doney
EVSC 4559 A Changing Global Carbon Cycle      
EVSC 4559 Quantitative Methods      
EVSC 4559 UAVs in Research & Society      
EVSC 4559 Water Quality      
EVSC 4559 Structural Geology      
EVSC 4630 Land-Atmos Interact   Scanlon  
EVSC 4640 Applied Hydrology   Band  
EVSC 4660 Hydological Field Methods and Data Analysis     Scanlon
EVSC 4670 Drinking Water Quality     Mills
EVSC 4710 Environmental Geochemistry   Herman  
EVSC 4832 Water-Rock Interactions Seminar   Herman  
EVSC 4850 Coastal Processes      
EVSC 4870 Global Biogeochemical Cycles     Galloway/Mills
EVSC 4890 Planetary Geology      
EVSC 4891 Planetary Geology Lab      
EVSC 4991 Theory & Prac. Biodiversity Conserv     D. Smith/Epstein/Shugart
EVSC 5020 Intro to GIS   Porter Porter
EVSC 5030 Applied Statistics for Environmental Scientists     Carr
EVSC 5050 Advanced Oceanography     Macko
EVSC 5060 Coastal Oceanography      
EVSC 5082 Nitrogen Seminar     Galloway
EVSC 5559 Messy Env Data   Castorani  
EVAT 5300 Intro. to Climatology   Davis  
EVAT 5559 Applied Meteorology     De Wekker
EVEC 5220 Terrestrial Ecology   Epstein  
EVGE 5559 Water Chemistry   Herman  
EVGE 5820 Geomorphology   Limaye  
EVGE 5840 Sediment Processes      
EVGE 5850 Geochemistry   Macko  
EVGE 5860 Isotope Geochemistry     Macko
EVHY 5559 GIS: Environmental Resilience     Band
EVHY 5640 Forest Hydrology      
EVHY 5650 Hydrological Transport Processes      
EVHY 5670 Env Fluid Mechanics   Wiberg  
EVSC 7010 Intro to Remote Sensing     Yang
EVSC 7012 Advanced Remote Sensing   Yang  
EVSC 7040 Climate change: Science, policy, markets      
EVSC 7066 Changing Global Climate Cycle   Doney  
EVSC 7070 Advanced Use of GIS     Porter
EVSC 7080 Quantitative Methods   Wiberg  
EVSC 7092 Dept. Seminar      
EVSC 7559 Marine Biogeochemistry     Doney
EVSC 7559 Glaciers and Ice Sheets: Past, Present, and Future   Simkins  
EVSC 7559 Advanced Ecological Data Analysis   Castorani  
EVSC 7559 Dynamics of oceans and estuaries   Reidenbach  
EVSC 7559 Environmental Resilience   McGlathery McGlathery
EVSC 7559 Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions   Pusede/Lerdau  
EVAT 7559 Microclimatology   De Wekker  
EVAT 7559 Air Pollution     Pusede
EVEC 7100 Manage Forest Ecosyst   Shugart  
EVEC 7110 Estuarine Ecology   Blum  
EVEC 7170 Spatial Ecology   Castorani  
EVEC 7290 Limnology: Inland water ecosyst      
EVGE 7832 Water-Rock Interactions Seminar   Herman  
EVHY 7630 Land-Atmos Interact   Scanlon  
EVHY 7670 Numerican Methods in Hydrology