Minor in Environmental Sciences

The Environmental Sciences minor is an excellent addition to any liberal arts, pre-professional, or science graduate-school oriented major.  The minor is suitable for students who are interested in legal, business, foreign policy, or other applications in natural resources, in writing and communicating about science, in analytical methods, or simply in understanding how their natural environment works.

The minor consists of at least 16 hours of Environmental Sciences graded coursework in a program chosen by the student and approved by the Department.  This program must include at least two core courses with labs (EVSC 2800/2801, EVSC 3200/3201; EVSC 3300/3301; EVSC 3600/3601) and at least one advanced, non-core course at the 3000-, 4000-, or 5000-level.  No more than six hours of non-core course credits below the 3000-level may be counted toward the minor.

Please watch this short (5-minute) video that demonstrates the process for declaring the minor:
If you have any questions, please contact Robert Davis, the Director of Undergraduate Programs at red3u@virginia.edu.