Conference Room Setup

Conference Room Setup


The monitor will give Window and MAC users full functionality. You can use the monitor as a touch screen that will control the Windows or MacBook laptop the is connected to it.

NOTE: Never plug the USB-C and HDMI cables into the same computer.

Windows Laptop with Full Functionality

Connect your windows computer by going into your DISPLAY settings.

WINDOWS 10 laptop

WINDOWS 11 laptop

You may have a DETECT/CONNECT button, press the CONNECT button and the display in the room will be displayed. You can now connect to it. Allow mouse/Keyboard control. (You can now use the touch screen to control the computer)

On the MONITOR screen you will need to ALLOW the connection.

You can now use the pointer attached to the bottom of the screen. One end for movement on the touch screen, the other end an eraser that can be used on white board, When you are finished using it, please place it back on the monitor.

USB-C cable must be plugged into the laptop to utilize the monitor’s Camera/Mic for ZOOM meetings.

MACBOOK Computer

Screen mirroring for display ONLY.

OPTION 1 (No cables)

You can connect your IPhone, IPad or MacBook using your device Mirror function. This is an easy option to present a slideshow

  1. Connect the apple device Wi-Fi to the monitors Wi-Fi (example: Direct-209) Password is displayed on the monitor
  2. Open “Screen Mirroring”
  3. Select the monitor to connect to.
  4. Your device will display on the monitor

OPTION 1 (with cables)

(HDMI only Laptop)
Connected with HDMI only
–Extends the monitor with not Touch Screen, No Monitor Camera/Mic.

Apple Laptop with Full Functionality

Connected HDMI and the USB cables to the laptop (Left side monitor)
–Adds the touch screen capabilities/Monitor Camera
**** Volume goes to 100% and no control
Zoom application can adjust the volume.

(Older Macbook with USC-2/3 and HDMI)
Connect USB cable, then connect the HDMI cable
–Extends the monitor with Touch Screen Capabilities and Camera/Mic


This can be utilized without connecting a device to the monitor or in conjunction with a monitor plugged in.