Mentor List

Below is the list of graduate student mentors and a brief description of their research and opportunities to participate.  Please see the mentoring program page for details about the program format and goals.  This list is updated at the beginning of each semester (sometimes more frequently). If you are interested in a position, you can contact the graduate student directly, providing them with a brief introduction and a resume. You may also reach out to if you have any questions.

Graduate students: If you would like to update or add to this page, please contact Clare Rodenberg or Elise Heffernan at

Updated September 2021.

Who: Elise Heffernan,

What: 1. This project is focused on primary research and seeks to complement my own boreal forest treeline research in the Arctic. A student would choose a topic (if possibly related to another major/minor, great!) and conduct primary research, create an annotated bibliography and write a report on the topic throughout the term. The goal is to get a broader, multidisciplinary understanding of my research area. The student will gain experience with primary source research and writing, and will have rather wide discretion in their chosen topics. I am particularly seeking students who are interested in social-environmental interactions.

When: Fall 2021

How: Academic credit

Who: David Crowe

What:   We're working with the Shenadoah Soaring Club to passively sample the atmosphere from their glider planes and now we're looking to build an enclosure for several temp pressure & humidity sensors in a case. We are looking for a student with mostly 3D printing experience (I could work with them on the modelling part) to help with the sturdiness of the case.

When: Fall 2021

How: Academic credit


Who: Mirella Shaban

What:  We are conducting research on air pollutants in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research will entail:

- sorting through .csv files and ensuring heterogeneity in the variables and units for columns

- organizing .csv files in appropriately compiled folders for data extraction using R

- Writing basic script in R to conduct statistical analysis of the varying air pollution data

- Conducting comparisons of values against World Health Organization Covid 19 mortality rates in the EMR 

- Creating graphs of comparisons and basic data visualizations

- Providing brief research write-ups on the air pollutants and significance on environment/public health

When: Fall 2021

How: Academic credit