Elliott White

Postdoctoral Research Associate (Yang)

Elliott White Jr. is a postdoctoral research associate working with Xi Yang and Emily Bernhardt (Duke University). He is a part of the Environmental Resilience Institute’s latest multi-institutional collaboration, the Water Futures Initiative. His is leading the working group focused on changes in the coastal land margin. Specifically, he is using remote sensing to track, quantify, and predict changes in coastal wetland condition and areal change due to sea level rise and saltwater intrusion. His efforts will be used by the other working groups (social and hydrology/infrastructure) to help them make decisions.

He received his PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of Florida (David Kaplan) in 2019. His dissertation, titled “Quantifying the Effects of Saltwater Intrusion on Coastal Freshwater Swamps of the Northern Gulf Of Mexico”, used principles from ecology, hydrology, remote sensing, and biogeochemistry to understand the multi-faceted effects of saltwater intrusion coastal freshwater swamps. He received his BS in Biology and Animal Ecology from Iowa State University in 2015.


Co-teaching- Advanced Remote Sensing