Kelcy Kent

Ph.D. (Epstein)

Kelcy double-majored in Biology with a concentration in conservation and Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and went on to complete a masters in coastal marine ecology and mangrove genetics with Jay Zieman and Howard Epstein at UVA. Her work focused on assessing genetic diversity in mangroves along the Gulf Coast, particularly noting range-expansion populations in comparison to historical, within-range populations, with possible future implications for habitat shifts in the black mangrove species along the Gulf. Her love for all things marine has also led her to TA for conservation and biology courses in Belize and the Bahamas for several years through UVA. Currently, Kelcy is pursuing a Ph.D. with Howard Epstein studying arctic tundra ecology and permafrost thaw in northern Alaska, and she is also hoping to expand into exploring arctic wetlands.