Linda K. Blum

Retired Research Associate Professor

I am broadly interested in understanding how coastal wetlands respond to sea level rise. Current research focuses on:

1. Plant community composition and soil genesis as salt marshes move overland into upland ecosystems as sea level rises.

2. The contribution of plant roots to marsh surface elevation change and soil organic matter content.

3. Quantification of soil component content including living roots, peat, air, water, sand, and rock and shell through the use of Computer-aided X-ray Tomography (CAT-scans).

*Note to potential graduate students: I am no longer taking on new graduate students.



Practical Concepts in Environmental Sciences (EVSC 1020)
Practical concepts and problem solving in environmental sciences through demonstrations, hands-on activities, structured discussions, and problem sets beyond those of traditional lectures or discussion groups. Emphasizes experience and critical thinking in the four core areas: geology, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, and ecology.

Restoration Ecology (EVSC 4240)
This course examines the science of restoration ecology and the practice of ecological restoration through lectures and in-class discussion. Emphasis is on application of ecological concepts, models, and methodologies to restoration of degraded and impaired ecosystems. The potential for exploiting restoration projects as large-scale ecosystem experiments and the importance of grounding restoration efforts in basic ecological theory are discussed.