Sally Pusede

Associate Professor

I am an atmospheric chemist with broad interests in air quality, climate, and atmosphere-biosphere interactions. My research group makes measurements at the Earth’s surface and from onboard aircraft in diverse locations, including polluted cities, agricultural areas, and within forest canopies. Our focus is on the role of reactive nitrogen in chemical oxidation mechanisms and emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. We utilize spatial and temporal variability in our datasets to derive mechanistic insight into processes taking place in urban and human-influenced environments. We work to find solutions to atmospheric problems that adversely affect human health and ecosystems.



EVSC 4559/7559 Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions: Mechanisms and Machines, Fall 2017 (co-taught with Manuel Lerdau)


EVSC 4559 Atmospheric Composition and Global Change, Spring 2017


EVSC 4559/PLAP 4500 The Clean Air Act, Spring 2017 (co-taught with Vivian Thomson)


EVSC 5559 Atmospheric Chemistry, Fall 2016


EVSC 3300 Atmosphere and Weather, Spring 2016


EVSC 4599/7559 Current Topics in Air Quality, Fall 2015