Preparing and submitting the final thesis

The final theses are submitted to the Science and Engineering Library.  The library would like the senior theses to follow the expectations set for graduate theses with some exceptions. Even these requirements are rather vague, so using an existing bound M.S. or Ph.D. thesis as a model is a good strategy. To summarize the modifications:

  1. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO GO ELECTRONIC:  Note that there is a digital submission option in the form of a pdf on CD.  It is cheaper! It saves trees. Please try to use it.  The contrast with the Graduate School requirements includes (1) no need for a separate hard copy of the signed cover page and (2) no need for a second copy of the CD.  Note: the signed cover page must be included in the pdf.  So, you will have to either (1) get the cover page signed by your thesis advisor and DMP Director, then scan the page, and add it to your pdf or (2) get digital files of our signatures to incorporate into your cover page in your word processor prior to preparing the pdf.
  2. IF YOU GO WITH PAPER:  You are responsible for delivering one unbound copy of the final thesis on bond paper to University Printing and Copying Services in Alderman Library. Arrange for soft (“VELO”) binding.  Please note, bond paper is the cheapest acceptable paper.  Thesis paper is a little more expensive and is not required.  Regular copy paper is not acceptable. If you are taking a printer-paper copy to Printing and Copying Services for them to make the copy onto bond, you can see the price online. Unlike graduate theses, the library will accept the soft binding with the clear front that is done in-house.  It is called “VELO” style binding.  So, you must request soft “VELO” binding, pay for it, and learn when the thesis can be picked up.  Do not get the hard binding that graduate students must get.  Only one bound copy of the thesis is required for the library.  The location for copying and binding is Alderman Copy Center, Alderman Library, 1st floor; the hours are Mon.-Fri. 8 AM to 5 PM; the contact info is Phone: 924-3785, FAX: 924-0516, Email:
  3. You must deliver the thesis (either picked up from being bound or as a CD) to Mr. Dave Ghamandi in the Science and Engineering Library (office I044, phone 924-3845, email:   Mr. Ghamandi will tell the DMP Director which theses she received, and only those students will be recommended for distinction. (If you will have left town by the time the thesis is bound, you should arrange for a colleague to pick up the thesis and deliver it to the Science and Engineering Library.  You must let the DMP Director know who is to pick it up, and you must provide the DMP Director with a receipt for payment for binding a copy of the thesis.)
  4. The DMP Director will communicate the recommended level of distinction to the College Registrar only after seeing proof that a thesis has been delivered to the library.  The College requires the recommendation by approximatelyMay 15.
  5. It is entirely up to you to decide if you wish to purchase a bound copy for yourself, your advisor, your parents, etc.  If in doubt, please check with your adviser to see if they would like to have a copy.