I am a physical oceanographer interested in processes at intraseasonal time scales and their roles in shaping primary productivity.  Currently, I am studying variability in the evolution and vertical structure of phytoplankton and biomass at straining regions between mesoscale eddies using biogeochemical Argo floats, remotely sensed data, and Community Earth System Model simulations.  These are regions where balances break down and ageostrophic, submesoscale processes with strong vertical velocities become important.


Alie came to UVA after earning her BS in Geology from Georgia State University (2014) and her MS in Earth and Environmental Science from Montclair State University (2018). Her research interests broadly focus on glacial geology, sedimentology, and geomorphology, and her MS work involved Antarctic paleoclimate reconstruction across the Eocene-Oligocene Transition. Alie also developed an interest in climate policy during an internship with the United Nations Environment Programme in 2018. She joined the Ice & Ocean Group under Dr.


Tyler first discovered his passion for research while studying sediment dynamics within coral reef habitats in the U.S. Virgin Islands as he completed a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of San Diego. He went on to study geomorphologic change of sandy beaches within Monterey Bay, CA, earning him a M.S. in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Labs. During this time, Tyler also held a part-time position with Central Coast Wetlands Group where he served as a research assistant and worked on various restoration and environmental monitoring projects.


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