Post-Docs, Research, and Visiting Scientists


I am a physical oceanographer interested in processes at intraseasonal time scales and their roles in shaping primary productivity.  Currently, I am studying variability in the evolution and vertical structure of phytoplankton and biomass at straining regions between mesoscale eddies using biogeochemical Argo floats, remotely sensed data, and Community Earth System Model simulations.  These are regions where balances break down and ageostrophic, submesoscale processes with strong vertical velocities become important.


Elliott White Jr. is a postdoctoral research associate working with Xi Yang and Emily Bernhardt (Duke University). He is a part of the Environmental Resilience Institute’s latest multi-institutional collaboration, the Water Futures Initiative. His is leading the working group focused on changes in the coastal land margin. Specifically, he is using remote sensing to track, quantify, and predict changes in coastal wetland condition and areal change due to sea level rise and saltwater intrusion.


Jon is a quantitative ecologist who focuses on developing and applying theory and statistical methods for understanding space-time ecological patterns. Visit his website for more information.


Daniel completed a PhD in mathematics at Virginia Tech before switching careers and coming to UVA to study atmospheric sciences with Kevin Grise.  His research focuses on large-scale atmospheric circulation features such as the Hadley cells and subtropical high-pressure regions, and the impacts these may have on precipitation in a changing climate.


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