Post-Docs, Research, and Visiting Scientists


I am a physical oceanographer interested in processes at intraseasonal time scales and their roles in shaping primary productivity.  Currently, I am studying variability in the evolution and vertical structure of phytoplankton and biomass at straining regions between mesoscale eddies using biogeochemical Argo floats, remotely sensed data, and Community Earth System Model simulations.  These are regions where balances break down and ageostrophic, submesoscale processes with strong vertical velocities become important.


Jon is a quantitative ecologist whose research focuses on the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems and the organisms inhabiting them, particularly in light of global change. His work covers a spectrum from advancing ecological theory and statistical methods to studies addressing specific problems in conservation and environmental resource management. He is broadly interested in what shapes the resilience and stability of ecological and social-ecological systems. His primary appointment is as a Senior Researcher with the University of California, Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.


I have been the projects coordinator/research scientist for the Shenandoah Watershed Study/Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study (SWAS/VTSSS) since 2014. My overarching goal as a scientist is to facilitate informed decisions by resource managers to keep our water resources healthy by answering fundamental questions related to watershed hydrology and contaminant transport.


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