Research Grants

Research grants and graduate fellowship information

(Updated as of 16 February 2015)

Useful Links: NSF-Fastlane NASA-NSPIRES | NOAA | | UVA-EXPAND

The following agencies have ongoing funding programs for graduate students in a variety of disciplines, with revolving annual deadlines depending on the subject area. Follow the links for the latest announcements and instructions (and sometimes lists of funded projects).

In addition, it is strongly recommended that grad students at all levels spend some time on the Community of Science page at You have to register, but it’s free. Best of all, you get access to the COS database, which includes lots of funding opportunities for fellowships, scholarships, etc., including both mainstream and obscure federal agencies, foundations, and NGOs. While it is occasionally time-consuming to sift through their databases, the large number of opportunities it returns may be well worth the effort.